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Company Introduction

Phil-Chi Class International Corp. (PCCIC) is a 24-hour online, one-on-one foreign language education platform founded by a Filipino-Chinese. It is based in Bonifacio Global City, the top business district in Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines. PCCIC opened its doors at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite its challenges, it became one of the fastest-growing education platforms in the country.

PCCIC offers high-quality online customized education services for learners three to fifteen years old. It also caters to adults, particularly business people, who need help refining their language skills for daily business conversations.

Its primary service is one-on-one Mandarin, English, and Filipino lessons. But PCCIC teachers can also help learners with other subjects should they need to do so. PCCIC also offers home tutorial services called “door-to-door sessions.” Parents or students can choose their preferred schedules so their time with PCCIC will never be wasted.

One-on-one tutorials with PCCIC teachers include 50-minute lesson plans for all learners. At PCCIC, English is the language of instruction to help all learners overcome the language barrier and express themselves and their thoughts without limitations. It can be challenging for those new to a specific language to do that. PCCIC recognizes this difficulty, particularly for international students and business people. This is because PCCIC founder Janina Dy knows what it’s like to struggle with learning a new language. She grew the company by empathizing with her students and figuring out precisely what they needed to improve their skills.

One of the things she realized was that in order to be the best, her students needed to learn from the best. So it was that Janina hired experienced, top-tier teachers with certifications in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). That is how she made sure that PCCIC will be fully equipped to help learners of all ages expand their horizons.

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At Phil-Chi Class International Corp. (PCCIC), we provide accessible, high-quality language education to learners of all ages anytime, anywhere. As an internationally-recognized online school, we equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their personal and professional goals. We strive to be a center of excellence in language learning, attracting those seeking quality instruction from passionate, skilled educators.


The vision of Phil-Chi Class International Corp. (PCCIC) is to be the leading foreign language school in the Philippines. As an institution authorized to issue certificates and diplomas to its students, PCCIC aims to provide its graduates with the necessary credentials to pursue further education in public and private schools. We also aim to provide teachers with job opportunities that allow them to maximize their skills and talents while earning global recognition for their teaching achievements.

About the Founder

A 90’s kid Janina Paule Dy is the founder of Phil-Chi Class International Corp. (PCCIC). Janina was born into an environment where she got the chance to explore the world of business at a young age.She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of San Carlos in 2018. Subsequently, she pursued her legal education, achieving a Juris Doctor degree in July 2023.

Janina can speak four languages—English, Filipino, Hokkien, and Mandarin. She worked hard to learn all four. Being able to speak English will give you an advantage in the working world because many of today’s top economies do. Meanwhile, as China is an emerging player in global affairs, the ability to communicate with its people is becoming more important by the day. Janina can do both. She’s good at communicating with people from all walks of life, so it’s not surprising that she’s doing brilliantly in school and at work.

It’s not easy to lead a startup and study at the same time, but she was able to manage it because of her language skills. Being multilingual allowed Janina to build bridges between cultures and make new connections to give others more opportunities for success. She believes language is a powerful tool that can help anyone go from good to great. That’s why Janina opened PCCIC. She wanted to offer learners the chance to transform their lives and themselves by learning new skills, just like she did.

The ability to speak English, Filipino, Hokkien, and Mandarin didn’t come easily to Janina. When she was a kid, she also struggled with the language barrier. But her struggles made her PCCIC’s biggest draw. Her experiences gave her great empathy for parents and students. That’s why PCCIC grew by leaps and bounds soon after it opened—it’s led by a bright young woman who lived the problems the company aims to solve.

Janina’s ability to understand and address students’ needs helped PCCIC succeed in its early days. It’ll serve the company well as it continues its mission to help language learners everywhere.

Janina Dy

Famous Quote

“Language is a powerful vehicle that will bring you to a massive transformation of yourself from being simple to being great.”

Janina Paule Dy

 The CEO