Student’s Feedback Form For Teacher Evaluation

This questionnaire seeks feedback from the student to boost the quality of teaching-learning environment in Phil-Chi Class International Corp. (PCCIC) and to look for more opportunities to improve teacher’s performance in handling classes with students to bring excellence in teaching and learning.

Teacher attends class in a well presentable manner.

Teacher shows enthusiasm when teaching in class.

Teacher is well articulated and shows full knowledge of the subject in teaching.

Teacher speaks loud and clear enough to be heard by the whole class.

Teacher shows professionalism in class.

Teacher encourages students to engage in class discussions and ask questions.

Teacher comes to class on time.

Teacher ends class on time.

Teacher shows well rounded knowledge over the subject matter.

Teacher handles the class environment conducive for learning.

Teacher shows equal respect to various cultural backgrounds, individuals, religion, and race.

Teacher understands the weakness of a student and helps in the student's improvement

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